Jammin' Welcome to my page on the net.  Let me introduce myself.  I live in the Pacific Northwest. 

Big leap Careerwise, I'm a Principal Researcher in computer science at Microsoft Research.  My work page has some information about what I do there.  Basically, I'm trying to improve techniques that allow computer programmers to develop and maintain programs correctly. 

Välkommen till min sida på nätet.  Den här spalten är det ju inte alla som förstår.  Och kanske är det ganska bra, för du ser ju att den Gasp! skiljer sig betydligt från den vänstra spalten där det verkliga informationsinnehållet finns.  Nåja, om du ska läsa mer får du nog ändå dra ögonen dit.

For many years, I was a Group Exercise Volunteer at the Bellevue Family YMCA, where I taught step aerobics.  I stopped doing that in 2012 in order to spend more time learning to dance.

I like to chill in my sauna:sauna


My boys thought it would be cool if I had a fu Manchu. Klas made me this picture.
Fu Manchu Pappa

Ice coffee

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Another fact about myself is that I enjoy good coffee.  I might not have mentioned that, except that I happen to have this pretty picture of an ice coffee concoction I made (to the left).  I like good food, too, including dessert.  To the right is a Gorgonzola Marscapone cheesecake I made, and below that is a starter with mango, prosciutto, and watercress. Yeah, mouth watering, aren't they!
Gorgonzola Marscapone cheese cake
mango prosciutto watercress appetizer