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The plumber

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Though I play the electric bass, which has strings, I'm not equally comfortable with a regular guitar.  A few months ago, Indi suggested we get a little electric guitar (with the original intent that she play it, and she has).  Certainly, I've played around with it, too--enough to record it in this song.

At first I wondered if I was going overboard, because I'm using both a distorted guitar and a soul-like riff guitar in the song.  But that's what the song seemed to call for.  Besides, there are other great songs that feature both, for example the Fine Young Cannibals song She Drives Me Crazy (not that you could compare my guitar playing to theirs, though).



Words by music by Rustan Leino, December 2002.

Rustan Leino:  Vocals, electric guitars, bass, keyboard, drums, sax.

Recorded by Rustan Leino, 2003.

Copyright © 2002, 2003, Rustan Leino.


I'm a man at work, plumbing is what I do.
I do it well, but it's not always easy.
Some clients can get in the way of my work,
want to participate in the process.

  Sure, I can show you how you do it.
  Here, see that drainage next to the tub?
  Impressive cleavage, Miss, but you see,
  you're sitting in the way of my toolbox!

Business and pleasure don't make a good mix,
but sometimes a peek can't be avoided.
If you were on the job and they strutted their stuff,
then one look could be somewhat exciting.

  Yes, that's a big pipe, Ma'am.
  And you're right, it screws into the grooves.
  But now if you don't mind, please let me have it,
  because your sink will need it!

  Once in a while, there is a man in the house.
  Then I take the opportunity to wear slacks.
  But does he ever unbutton his shirt?
  And does he ever wear his G-string around the place?
  I'd better keep my thoughts on why I'm really here.
  That's, after all, my profession.

Listen, woman, I think I've found the problem.
It's behind this wall and it's clogged.
But, oh, say, don't you get cold that way?
Your top suggests so through the lingerie.

Eight-five degrees, it's hot and sweaty out here.
Your pool looks lovely, despite the leak.
Thanks, but if I were to use it,
then I'd probably like to wear more than that!


That's, after all, my profession.