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String Theory

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If you feel a need to brush up on your particle physics, you may want to scope out the wikipedia pages on string theory.



Words and music by Rustan Leino, 2012.

Rustan Leino:  Vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, drums.
Becky Hill and Monica Manthey (The Doo-alities):  Background vocals.

Recorded by Rustan Leino (2012).

Copyright © 2012, Rustan Leino.


Imma looking for a study break
  Heading out to the pool
Gonna look, try, learn a lot
  It’s not just for school
Got no theory ’bout evathing
  But a hunch about you and me
Looking for insight into the whole
  Let’s explore our dualities

Oh, what we cover up
  In colored manmade materials
Underneath, there’s particles with
  Flavor, charge, mass, and spin
I trust that my M-theory
  Leads to your F-theory
Using these strings there’s surely a way
  To uncover the rest

I’ve got a theory about a string
  And I’m gonna pull it loose
One side stays attached, but the other is mine
Fermions and pheromones
The strong force is making me weak
Unification is about to begin

This ain’t no case for engineering
  It needs R & D
I will trace your manifold
  Penetrate your high-dimensional branes
Let’s close the loop and we
  Can make it through
The deepest of space and time
  Close to me, just we two

CHORUS:  I've got a theory about a string …

All I think about is
  physics – physique
  bosons – bosoms
  tachyons – textiles
Come on, think of
  spin – spandex
  earthquakes – love awakes
  erupting into a flow of magma

CHORUS:  I've got a theory about a string …

Unification is about to begin