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Scotch EvolutionIn 1985, the Italian band Scotch and their album Evolution hit it big in Sweden and, I imagine, other parts of Europe. This success started a trend that gave rise to a genre of music that became known as Italo Disco (or Europop).

Scotch's music is characterized by a danceable beat and non-sensical lyrics. Good grammar never seems to have been a requirement in their song making. Their music is performed primarily with synthesizers, and often with added vocal percussion. The structure of the music is simple: take three chords and repeat them throughout the song. All this would sound awfully repetitive and boring if played by most mortals, but Scotch makes it into delectable, danceable, addictive songs.

This song, Scotch tape, is a tribute to Scotch. To appreciate it in full, it helps to be familiar with Scotch.

To the people of Scotch,
   thank you for your time,
I hope you're feeling better,
   and me, too.


Words by Indi and Rustan Leino, music by Rustan Leino, 1999. Recorded and performed by Rustan and Indi Leino, 1999, 2000.  Remixed 2007.

Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2007, Rustan and Indi Leino.


It is time to dance, time to playful
It is time to dance
Rainbows are watching the mountains
when you whip out the Scotch tape
   (Time to playful, Everybody)

Got our basses covered
Going octaves down below the sea
If you want me, you know where to look me
I'm groovin' with the Scotch tape

   (Time to playful, Everybody)

Baby, get me the Scotch tape
It's been a long, day
So I need to put the pieces,
together again

   (Time to playful, Everybody)

It takes two to tango,
But you need three chords to Scotch
No philosophical nonsense
Need catchy melody, but no sense

   (Time to playful)