---   Orbit me   ---

The words for this song were inspired not only by Newton's law of universal gravitation:

    F  =  G * m0 * m1 ÷ d 2
(remember that?), but also by the E-mu 9090 (Orbit--The Dance Planet), E-mu 9091 (Planet Phatt--The Swing System), and E-mu 7777 (Launch Pad).  In fact, I used my Orbit V2 in producing this song.

Oh, for the uninitiated, "phat" means "cool".


Audio:  [mp3] (2.5 MB)

Words and music by Rustan Leino, May 1998.  Recorded and performed by Rustan Leino, 1998.  Additional vocals by Indi Leino.

Copyright © 1998, Rustan Leino.

The Milky Way bears some resemblance to Broadway:
  Stars appear and stars go out
I am stuck here at the shuttle connection
  Well, I can drift about

They say the force is proportional to the product
of the masses over the distance squared
I'm trying to work this equation
Could it be, my body doesn't have enough mass?

I have seen you on the dance floor
  and I like your style
You leave the others light years
  below you
If only my moves could attract your attention
So you'd step off your launch pad
  and orbit me

(Isn't he phat enough?)

The moons are lit now, it's that time of year
It ought to be warm in Galactic Lake
The noisy signal from the Jones's new dwelling
is a bit more than I can take




So you'd step off your launch pad
  and orbit me

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