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Old friends

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Old High School friend Phil Bender-Stone (see the song Stephanie) came to town for some training and looked me up.  This was the first time we met since High School, 21 years ago.  From 7pm until 2am, we slaved over a hot track that Phil wrote as we went along.  The icing on the tiramisu (yeah, that's what we ate during a break just after midnight) was adding some brass, Mattias (15) on alto sax and Klas (14) on trumpet.  And like on Stephanie, I played a tenor sax solo.



Words and music by Phil Bender-Stone, June 2007.  Recorded by Phil Bender-Stone and Rustan Leino, June 2007.

Phil Bender-Stone:  Vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass.
Rustan Leino:  Drums, tambourine, tenor saxophone.
Mattias Leino:  Alto saxophone.
Klas Leino:  Trumpet.


Good to hear from you, bro
   How ya been
   Can't believe it's been so long
   What's been happenin'
What life is all about
Hanging out with old friends

Half way cross the world
  And 20 years later
  You haven't changed a bit
  Just get better and better
What life is all about
Hanging out with old friends

Old friends
   Pick up where you left off
Old friends
   Never get tired of hearing you talk
The measure of a man is by counting all his friends
Where would I be without old friends?

Man, you look great
  So do the wife and kids
  Time flies by
  Look at all the great things you did
I don't know what I'd do
Without my old friends

Old friends...

Old friends...