---   Oakwood blues  ---

An annual tradition at the DEC/Compaq Systems Research Center, where I used to work (it's now called HP SRC Classic), was for the summer interns to produce a video, poking fun at the lab, the researchers, the company, and other events going on that year.  One of the research interns in 1999 (in fact, my intern) was Todd Millstein, who in addition to being an up-and-coming computer scientist is a fabulous jazz guitarist!

I was privileged to jam on some jazz standards with Todd that summer.  We also recorded the soundtrack for the 1999 SRC Summer Intern Video.  One of the tunes for the soundtrack was an improvisational blues piece we called Oakwood Blues.  When you hear Todd's smooth guitar, you'll want to travel to Seattle to catch Todd perform with his jazz combo.  Or scope out Todd's music page on the web.


Audio:  [mp3] (1.9 MB)

Todd Millstein:  Guitar, bass.
Rustan Leino:  Tenor saxophone, drums.

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