---   I've got a ticket  ---

The season of Lent--roughly, the 40 days before Easter--is a time of reflection and a time to strengthen our relationship with God.  While reflecting on our inadequacies and trying to improve our ways, which we won't ever completely be able to do, it's comforting to know that God still loves us so much that he came to live as a human on Earth to show the extreme to which he cares--to die for us, his blood for our sins.  We are forgiven, hallelujah!

Here is the sheetmusic for the song:  [PDF]
Copyright © 1997, Indi and Rustan Leino.

This song has been used a number of times at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Los Altos, CA.  This recording of the song features several of the members of the Praise Singers at Immanuel.  We recorded it just before we moved north, and mixed it almost two years later.

Audio:  [mp3] (2.3 MB)

Vocals: Winnie Manners, Priscilla Repetti, and Indi and Rustan Leino
Keyboards: Joe Roark
Bass and guitars: Mike Halloran
Drums: Scott McClung
Tambourine: Priscilla Repetti

Recorded by Rustan Leino, November 2001.
Mixed by Rustan Leino, July 2003.

Copyright © 1997, 2001, 2003, Indi and Rustan Leino.


I've got a ticket to paradise
Jesus Christ has paid the price
I've got a ticket to paradise
Take a leap of faith, come along!

Think of Lenten times in your life
and the debt that you have raised
Easter comes and you realize
that debt has already been paid

You reflect on sins in your life,
all the loved ones you have hurt
While mistakes can't be undone,
forgiveness has come your way

Don't dream of paying the fare
On our own, we can't make the payment
Jesus has the means
He paid for us with His life

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