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Heart of the storm

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For Indi.

The recording of this song has been one of those projects that never felt quite done (then again, the song was written for a very special woman).  About every other year, I'd listen to it again and feel inspired to improve some part of it, changing the synth bass to my electric bass, redoing the vocal track, what have you.  What finally made it come together was the addition of some guitar by my old friend Urban Fagerholm, which he recorded in Sweden and sent to me.



Words and music by Rustan Leino, May 1999.

Rustan Leino:  Vocals, keyboards, bass, drums.
Urban Fagerholm:  Guitar.

Recorded May 1999, August 2001, July 2003, and Urban's guitar 2004.

Copyright © 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, Rustan Leino and Urban Fagerholm.


You take me up like a storm, you shake me all around,
You're my love, my little tornado,
And when do what you do, any time any place,
I fall into your loving heart.

  How long has it been, since I saw your sparkling eyes for the first time,
    held your hand in my lap, and kissed your soft pink lips.
  Your figure and curves, have differentiated me over time,
    We are now a conjunction, together, ad infinitum.
Hey babe!
       What you did to me then, you still do today.

You take me up like a storm...

  With you by my side, I'm electrified by your touch and caress,
    as if inside your heart, a magnet pulling for me.
  The pulses you send, are like rippling waves across my tide,
    shaping, molding, extracting, my love, it's only for you.
Hey babe!
       What you're doing to me, please do it some more.

You take me up like a storm...