---   Draw near to the table   ---


Sheet music:  [pdf]

Words by Indi Leino, music by Rustan Leino, 1998.

Copyright © 1998, Indi and Rustan Leino.

Draw near to the table
  With failures weighed down
In need of repentance
  To turn our lives around
Kneel down at the table
  Forgiveness receive
Our burdens are lifted
  And we are freed

Not one of us is worthy
  Gifts we don't deserve
Yet here we are happy
  We will tell you why
Although we did not earn it
  His life he laid down
His love he poured over us
  And proved our worth

Coming forth for Communion
   From all walks of life
Both strangers and family
  Whether foe or friend
Communion unites us
  It's given for all
We all are God's children
  We're one in Christ

Go forth from the table
   Forgiveness received
Our burdens are lifted
  And we have been freed
Through God's loving example
  We learn how to give
Give out our forgiveness
  To start anew

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