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Analog world: a CD encomium

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For this song, I had the pleasure of being able to record David Naumann, who was visiting Microsoft Research on a sabbatical.  As you'll hear, Dave added a gorgeous sax track for this song, and he played the guitar too.



Words and music by Rustan Leino, December 2003.
Rustan Leino:  Vocals, keyboards, bass, drums.
David Naumann:  Soprano sax, guitar.
Recorded by Rustan Leino, December 2003.

Copyright © 2003, Rustan Leino and David Naumann.


I see things from my analog world
  Needle against the vinyl groove
Something out there, new to me
  I'm reaching out

The grass is green here, but some advances
  do get my attention, you see
Enter CD, like a duende
  intoxicating my senses, mesmerizing

Yes, you can call me retro
Stuck in the times of 8-tracks
  Doesn't mean I don't see potential
  right outside my window
I admire from a distance
Shiny and fantastic
  I'm becoming a fan


One CD, quite accomplished
  delicious and exciting, energetic
Stepping out, CD in hand
  I just wanna dance, turn up the music

Yes, you can call me retro
One who likes to boogie
  But the cadence can come from ones and zeros,
  the digital language
Instructions based on linguistics
I marvel at the flexibility
  Oh, what a winning hand



Sure, you can call me retro
I'm one who likes disco
  But in fitting ways I'd like to
  broaden my horizons
What a special creation
that brought me this inspiration
  How can I share this gem?