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Boss Higher

Imagine this:

You're an engineer. You reside in a cubicle landscape. And you're being matrix managed! It is your job to supply your managers with technical reports. Doing so gets your managers promoted. After a few promotions, however, managers reach far enough into the middle management tier to become too useless and costly for the corporation, and hence they are fired and given a golden parachute.

Welcome to Boss Higher, a computer arcade game for the PC.

Here is the list of the World's Best Boss Higher Scores.

Download:  Boss Higher version 1.1 (782 KB).

Installation instructions:  Download the Boss Higher 1.1 installer (above), a self-extracting executable.  Running this executable will ask you for a location in which to store the game.  Once you've done that, click on Boss Higher in that directory to start the game. For convenience, you may want to create a shortcut to the game.  After you've successfully installed the game, you can delete the self-extracting installer.

Installation instructions for novices:  Download the Boss Higher 1.1 installer (above) by clicking on it and saving it to the Desktop (that is, select Desktop in the "Save as..." dialog).  Once downloaded, double click on the installer on the Desktop.  This will ask where you want to put the game on your disk.  Use the suggested place by clicking on Unzip, then OK, then Close.  To add a shortcut to this game from the Start menu, click on Start-->Settings-->Taskbar...-->Start Menu Programs-->Add....  This will ask you for a command line.  Use the Browse button to locate the C: drive, then the Games directory, then the Boss Higher directory, and then the Boss Higher executable.  Click Next and select a Start menu folder from which you want to access Boss Higher (for example, the Programs folder, or a new Games folder).  Click Next.  When asked for a name for the shortcut, enter Boss Higher, and then click Finish.  You can now run the game from the Start menu.  You no longer need the Boss Higher installer on your Desktop, so drag it into the Recycle Bin.

Boss Higher: Copyright © 1997, 1999, Rustan Leino.